Friday, June 10, 2011

oh poor me

I'm writing this blogpost to whine about my pathetic day. So feel free to turn away now!
Jamie left yesterday at 5am to fly to Manahattan for three days to find us a home. Which he did!! (More details to come.Very excited!) So I'm on day two of having the girls to myself all day and all night (which I KNOW lots of moms do all the time, so boo hoo, poor me). But somehow at age 3 Audrie has perfected the skill of knowing how to precisely push my buttons to spark my temper. I can't EVEN imagine what age 13 will look like. :) Ok, no really most of the time she is sweet as pie, so I shouldn't complain at all.

It's always perplexed me that for the past ten years I've taught middle schoolers all day long and honestly never lost my temper (ok once I did snap and scream at a choir class that something they had just done was the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my entire life) but aside from that I generally keep my cool as a teacher. But for some reason Audrie can get me seeing red so fast. And you know I love that little girl like nothing else in this world, so I don't understand how she can set my temper off like she does.

Ok, so today started with both girls waking up at 6am. WHY?? They sometimes sleep til 7:30, so why on my FIRST day of summer break do they wake up so early? Then I have to take out the garbage for trash day. Usually Jamie does this. The bags are way too heavy for me to lift, so I tried bear hugging them to the street. Which means I have part of the bag smashed close to my face. Nothing smells quite like a week's worth of dirty diapers marinating in the summer heat. I make it with the first bag. (oh and the grouchy neighbor dude next to us is standing there watching me while his dog poops.). So I lug the second bag out but halfway to the street the huge bag rips open on the bottom (due to some Christmas ornaments Jamie broke). So now there are shards of Christmas spilling all over the driveway. I finish dragging the bag the rest of the way and leaving a messy trail. I have to get down on my hands and knees and clean up the mess. Oh and Annie was screaming for me from the living room window because she thought I was leaving! I'm so sure that neighbor guy enjoyed the morning show.

Then I was worried that the trash guys would snatch the bag up and leave an even bigger mess in the yard (but I couldn't rebag it because it was too heavy). So I keep watching all morning to catch them so I can warn them about the ripped bag. But Audrie started having a meltdown because I put too much milk in her fruitloops (yeh, for real), so I missed the trash guys and had another mess in the yard to clean up.

I had to stay at home today because Jamie needed me near the computer so he could fax me housing paperwork to sign and fax back. But by 8am I was already counting the hours to bedtime. Luckily my niece and nephew, Jacob and Emma, came over for a few hours to entertain Audrie so that did help!

But after lunch Annie fell and cut her mouth pretty bad. I couldn't tell where the gash was because her mouth was so bloody and she was crying for quite awhile (which is very unlike her). I was trying to decide if I was going to have to load everyone up and go to the doctor, but she quit bleeding and I could see the cut wasn't as bad as it looked. And finally she was happy again. But this was all in the middle of Jamie calling me about house stuff and breaking the news that we didn't get our first choice apartment. And Audrie dumped a bag of Doritos in her kiddie pool.

Annie wouldn't go down for an afternoon nap so I was starting to twitch a little. Jamie and I finalized the paperwork on our second choice apartment so that was a big relief. But Annie was just getting so sleepy and cranky and hungry but too tired to eat, etc. I finally got some food in her, bathed, rocked, and in bed for the night. Poor girl!  Then Audrie wanted some dinner, so I made her a plate of food to carry to the table (cuz you know she has to do it ALL BY MYSELF!!!). She dropped it in the floor. I had to let a few tears of frustration slide out then.

After dinner I was cleaning up the kitchen so I let Audrie play games on my iPhone. I heard a little crash and saw she had dropped my phone on the kitchen floor. It's been dropped a few times, so I didn't think it was a big deal but when I picked it up I realized the screen had cracked. I said a curse word (which honestly I rarely ever do and definitely never in front of the girls). But Audrie repeated it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was done.

I put Audrie in front of a cartoon and I laid there in my bed next to her and just breathed. She did snuggle up to me and tell me she loved me, so I had to quit feeling sorry for myself and appreciate the sweet blond mess I get to call my daughter.

But my goodness! What a day.

Tomorrow has to be better. If not I'll just sit in the kiddie pool, cry, and eat soggy Doritos!