Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fireworks with the Lea's

Also this weekend we visited with our friends, Trent and Candace. Camryn and Audrie had a blast playing dress up...

After dinner we let the girls play in their huge kiddie pool.

I've never seen a kiddie pool this big! Candace said it was only $15. It was awesome! I was sad I didn't bring my own bathing suit.

The water was high enough that I made Annie wear a ridiculously large life jacket.

But I realized it was pretty silly and let her out of it. All she was interested in was devouring Popsicles anyways.

Then it was time for fireworks. The girls were so excited!

But quickly realized they hated them! Ha!

Annie wasn't bothered by them.

Poor thing still looks pitiful with her busted eye.

Trent finally convinced Audrie to hold a sparkler.

(You can see how thrilled she was!)

I didn't get a good photo of the fireworks Trent shot but he had some really cool ones.

Thanks, Lea's, for a wonderful evening!

We will miss you guys.