Friday, July 08, 2011

day one

Ok there must have been a lot of people praying for us today because the girls were both GREAT on the flight today. I was really nervous about how they would do but it went so smoothly!

Audrie is such a jet setter. This is her fourth time to fly.

Both our moms came up with me this week to help. We are so grateful they are here!

Annie was about two clicks from falling asleep in this pic...

We made it to NYC and met Jamie (who'd been driving the uhaul for three days!). We also had a couple guys from a moving service help us unload and it was the best money we've ever spent!

Our stuff is piled everywhere but I'll get some pics of the apt after things settle.

We did hurry and put most of Audrie's room together so she would feel comfortable seeing her room the same here.

She had the best reaction and was so happy with her new room!

Jamie even took a break from the madness to read Audrie a princess book. Such a good daddy!

Annie made herself right at home!

It was smokin hot in our apartment so Jason helped Jamie put in our ac units.

And Samanthe kept the girls for a few hours this afternoon which was a huge help!

She texted me this photo of baby Sam and Audrie watching cartoons together. So cute!

We took a break after dinner (had some tasty local pizza delivered of course) and Audrie and I went outside to the park in front of our apartment building. (Annie crashed early- she was pooped.)

There is a huge playground and splash park but Audrie was enthralled with the giant climbing rocks.

King of the mountain...

After the park it was bath and bedtime as usual.

We are exhausted but happy!