Saturday, July 09, 2011

I think we can do this

So I don't plan on blogging every day but I know many of you are praying for us (thank you! We feel those blessings) so I wanted to post some updates of our start here.

Today we ventured out in the city with the girls and thought it was time for their first subway ride.

We met Jason and Baby Samuel (whom Audrie calls Sammy-o).
Audrie looks concerned in this photo because I had to wait to catch the next elevator.

I'm trying hard to understand the subway system but it's so confusing. I'll get it though!

Doesn't Donna look excited about her first subway experience?

Me and my momma.

Audrie loved the "train" ride!

We stooped at Columbus Circle and walked to Central Park. (Jamie looks like such a natural with his stroller in the big city.)

The childrens area at Central Park was huge but I didn't get a good photo. I do like this photo of Annie swinging like it's any other day at the park... with the skyscraper view!

Audrie thought this park was awesome. There was so much to do with the kids. We honestly could have played for hours!

My mom and Annie chasing a pigeon...

We left and let the girls get some ice cream from a street vendor.

A sticky happy mess!

After we got the girls home, fed, and bathed- the moms offered to babysit so Jamie and I could go out. So nice!

We tried a nearby restaurant that a super nice mom at the park recommended. Carribbean food- so yummy!! (look at that pile of fresh avocado slices, Emily, we thought of you!)

It was wonderful to have some quiet time together.

On our walk home we stopped by Jason and Sam's apartment to say hi. Can't believe we are so blessed to be their neighbors!

We got home in time to crawl in bed and stare out the window at our amazing view.

So I know this adventure will have ups and downs and I'm prepared for the lows when I'm bawling my eyes out but if the first two days are any indication of our future... ummm we may really like it here!

But keep those prayers coming because I start my first day of work Monday (!!!) and the moms leave Tuesday.

The honeymoon will be over. :)