Monday, July 11, 2011

first day of work

I was super nervous about my first day of work today just because it's been a long time since I've been this far out of my comfort zone and everything is so new.

But it was crazy amazing. I'm trying to not let myself swoon too much because I know that once school starts it will be a new world, but my goodness I had so much fun in teacher training today!

Audrie and Annie walked me down to the front door this morning to see me off for my big day...

The teachers at this school are all cool, about my age, inspiring experienced educators, and so creative and FUN!

Tomorrow our assignment is to go out in our teams (I'm on the 6th grade team... I found out I'm teaching all 6th grade Choir classes) and we go with our teams out into the neighborhood to interview locals (Domincan Republic Latinos) and ask them about their favorite 'hot spots' and then go visit those spots. We create a 4 minute video of our day and present them to the staff. This is supposed to help us understand the culture of our students and do some team building. I'm excited!