Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kinda feels like home - by Jamie

The girls and I are really starting to get into a groove here.  I keep meeting other amazing stay at home parents and they always let me know of fun things to do around the neighborhood.  There is a church just 8 blocks away that we walk to on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  They have a guy who plays guitar and sings every kids song there is.  He is great and the girls love him.  

The church also has a great fenced in yard where they set up slip 'n slides and kiddie pools.  It feels so much like home.  Audrie kicks off her shoes and goes and plays in the water...or climbs trees...or digs in the dirt.

 Annie loves it too.  Her favorite part is going from stroller to stroller and stealing other kids' sippy cups and snacks.  This girl is definitely getting a reputation among the moms!

 I know this is so random but ya know what else feels like home...a dishwasher!  We made it two weeks without one and just couldn't take it anymore.
 And last...something that definitely doesn't feel like home:  grocery shopping.  A couple times a week we have groceries delivered by Fresh Direct.  We just get online, select all of the items that we want, and then choose a delivery date and time.  It's the most amazing thing.  They bring everything right to our door and so far it has all been very good.
 I'm not sure when we might move away from NYC but I can already tell that I'm going to miss grocery delivery.