Thursday, July 14, 2011

my daily commute

So this seems rather boring to me, but I thought some of you might like to know about my new commute to work. (It takes me about 25 minutes which is actually the same as I had when I drove from Cave Springs to Bentonville.) I really like this little trip to work each day... it's the perfect amount of walking, subway, and makes me feel very new yorkish.

Of course I start by putting on the hugest pair of sunglasses I can find...!

When I leave my apartment I walk straight down the street I live on. It's about a 6 minute walk to the subway station but I love that it's all on one street so I don't have to think... I just walk.

We live near Columbia University Medical Center so I walk past these collegiate buildings each morning and it's very pretty.

Although I do have to walk past several food vendor carts and the random smells of each one is a little nauseating that early in the morning. (I couldn't imagine walking past that with morning sickness... barf!)

Then I get to the subway station (right across from a Starbucks so I can get my morning coffee for the subway ride!).

This station has a sign that tells me when the next train is arriving which is nice.

I swipe my metro card and enter the station.

Here is a photo of the train leaving the station (I had just missed catching it, so I had to wait for the next one. Booo).

But the next one arrived shortly. So no worries.

The only thing I don't like about the subway ride is that your phone Internet doesn't work underground of course, so I'm forced to stare at people or read. It's only a 10 minute ride so it passes quickly.

And as you can imagine there are every type of people on the subway. It's fun to see.

After a short ride, I hop off and am three blocks from my school. Another short walk.

My school is right next to George Washington High School and I love walking past that pretty building each day.

And here is the front gate to my school (all schools in NYC have gated entrances like this).

Because our school is so new and raising money to build a school building... we are in these temporary trailers for now. A lovely shade of red!

Even though our facilities aren't the best, the school itself is truly amazing. We are in teacher training right now. I will have to write more later about the staff and administration... it's just crazy how much I love it. I know the students are going to make this school year the biggest challenge of my life, but... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!