Saturday, July 23, 2011

triple threat

Audrie loves to dance. Pretty much every day when I get home from work that's what she wants to do. Crank up some music and dance with me. (Oh and she has to put on a dress that twirls, of course!)

And she sings full voice while she dances.
And we all know she's got the drama down, so she's definitely ready for Broadway! :)
Until she hits it big time, we're just enjoying The Audrie Show every evening in our living room.

We've started researching what dance class we want to sign her up for. She took gymnastics in Arkansas but since we are here in the Big Apple I think we pretty much have to enroll her in a dance class, right?? It's a little intimidating trying to find the right dance class for her though. As you can imagine there are a FEW choices here. I can't wait to get her started though!