Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunny days... sweepin' the clouds away

The hot weather I've been reading about in Arkansas has finally made it's way up here and it is crazy HOT! It seems so stereotypical/ Sesame Street, but it's true that the firemen up here open the fire hydrants for the kids to play in when it's this hot. So, of course, we took the girls down to play in the hydrant in front of our apartment.
Audrie thought it was the BEST thing ever. Annie was a little more unsure... had to stare it down for a minute before committing. :)
She eventually warmed up to the idea and began to run through the spraying water.

The both had a blast!

Annie was more amused by splashing in the puddles of water (although I'm pretty sure she picked up some floating dog poo).
Of course Audrie quickly made a best friend to play with.
But how could you resist playing with a goof ball like this...

It was fun watching them play! Hopefully this heat will pass soon!