Monday, July 25, 2011

milestones for annie

I snapped a few pics of Annie in the bath the other night. We always say that Annie doesn't quite have 'the' Audrie mouth... but I'm not too sure anymore. (You should click here to see a photo of Audrie at 15 months that looks SO much like Annie.)
Anyways, Annie has had some milestones lately. She's FINALLY getting another tooth. I was starting to get seriously worried because she hasn't had a new tooth since before Christmas! And she only has 6 teeth so I was starting to think something was wrong. But today I discovered a new tooth has broken through, so I guess she was just taking a long teething break.
Also Jamie and I high fived each other this evening because Annie is officially weaned from bottles. I know it seems a little LATE to be weaning her at 14 months, but it was intentional. She's been on sippie cups for a long time but still took a bottle for nap and a bottle for bedtime. I didn't want to wean her in May at one year old, because we were getting ready to fly to Florida and then, of course, fly here to NY. I wanted her to have a bottle on those flights and I thought the transition of moving across the country was enough for her to handle without taking her bottle away, too. But now that we've settled in we decided to try weaning her bottle away and she didn't bat an eye. She goes to sleep just fine with out it and we've had no trouble. Yay, Annie!