Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lil trouble maker

 Annie is changing every day. Love her to pieces! She is so much fun (aka- empty the bathroom trash can all over the floor and then bat her sweet eyes at you.)

(Photo credit- Donna)
 It's such a blast to see her personality coming out so much. She is a sneaky instigator though! She has figured out how to ambush Audrie, pull her hair, and then run off giggling.
(photo credit- Donna)
Annie eats hotdogs like nothing I've ever seen. I told her she was never going to have a boyfriend if she keeps it up. Scarfing down three hotdogs in one sitting is not pretty.

Here is a wacky picture of me and Annie (on a weird bug-eyed setting on my camera computer)...

Although we spend most of our time chasing Annie out of trouble, we can't help but smile while we run after her cuz she's just so stinkin' cute.
(Photo credit- Donna)

Jamie caught a video of her the other night goofing off...

Oh Annie. We didn't think we could handle any more "life in our party", but you sure bring the fun to our family!