Sunday, August 28, 2011

the flea

Last Saturday was Jamie's debut at the Brooklyn Flea Market with his Instrumental Lighting business. We were so excited to go see what people would think of all his musical instrument lamps! Jamie had been working for two weeks to build up his inventory. He took over the guest room for his work shop...

He made about 40 lamps and ten lamp shades to take!
The catch was getting all the lamps and booth gear TO the flea market in Brooklyn. Keep in mind that we have no vehicle! Jamie got a couple huge totes and  two carts that we loaded up.
Jamie's gear was massively heavy.
While my little cart was pretty light.
Our plan was to take the subway on the hour trek to the flea market, but we were only going to use subways that have elevators (not every subway station has elevators). We looked pretty ridiculous hauling all this gear onto the trains. But the great thing about NYC is that you can be totally strange and no really cares, because every where you go... there are weird people here! So we were 'those' people that day.
So the 'plan' didn't really work out, because a few of the stations had out-of-order elevators or the map was wrong and there was no elevator where we thought there was. So we had to haul the ton of gear up several flights of stairs. I'll just say it wasn't the happiest point in our marriage.
But we did make it there! Just in time to get the booth all set up.
The lamps looked so great on display. I didn't really get a great pic of Jamie's booth all finished, but I'll snap one again sometime.
His official logo...
It was so fun to watch everyone's reaction to the lamps. The loved them! I was so proud of Jamie.
He sold 5 lamps that day and the other vendors all told us that August is a slow month for the flea market so I'm excited to see how the next couple of months pick up as it gets closer to Christmas.

Since Jamie was making money... I did my part to help him spend it. I'm good like that! The flea has amazing food vendors, so we started the day with big cups of local coffee and these amazingly huge yummy donuts that you had to hold with two hands to eat!
Then I pretty much snacked all day long. I had a tasty home-made soda that was lime and mint. I was addicted! So good.
Since we were sitting in the booth all day, it was fun to people watch. We made up stories about people that walked by. This guy definitely owned a goat and played the ukelele.
When I got bored I would venture out and see all the other booths. Some really cool random stuff!

Of course I wanted to buy all the vintage dresses and shoes!
 We did reward ourselves at the end of the day by each purchasing one thing. Jamie got this really nifty plant that grows in a brick.
 And I got a turquoise picture frame. It's hard to tell in this photo but it's a really thick heavy frame and I love it!

Anyways, it was a super fun day at the flea market. A huge thanks to Donna who was in town and kept the girls all day. It was a long day, but so worth it. Jamie is going back again this weekend. Now that he has done it once he has new ideas for his booth and set up, etc. It's so fun to watch him work on all this! It's the perfect mixture of creative art and financial business... just like Jamie. :)