Friday, September 02, 2011

don't worry

Just wanted to share a cute picture of Audrie that I took the other night along with a sweet/sad story.

This week has been TOUGH. I won't go into all the gory details but basically I've just been having a rough time at work (oh, no, the kids haven't started yet...! I'm just psyching myself out and getting all scared to death that I can't do this.)  But Jamie reminded me today (when I called him sobbing on the phone) that God brought us here for a reason. And that, no, I can't do this by myself... I have to give it all over to God and have faith that He will stand with me in that lion's den (literally).

I could really use some serious prayer all day Tuesday (that's when school starts) and more specifically at 12:39, because that is when I have 7th grade lunch duty with 31 rowdy teenagers who will smell my fear a mile away.

So the other night I was getting Audrie ready for bed and it had been a terrible day for me (lots of crying at work in front of coworkers... awesome) plus add some homesickness and pms and a little exhaustion. Anyways I was trying to hold my tears back in front of Audrie so I wouldn't cause her any stress. But as I snuggled in bed next to her to read her a story, I couldn't help but let a few tears slide out.

But, oh my goodness, at that moment I had THE most amazing experience with Audrie that I hope I never forget. She didn't miss a beat. She just reached over and touched my tears and said "Don't worry, mommy. Everything's going to be Ok. I'll pat your back a little bit. What happened to your smile, mommy? Don't be sad."

Of course that opened the floodgates even more! But I managed to nod my head at her and tell her thank you for her sweet words. She gave me a hug and we read some books.

It was like God sent me a little message through my three year old.

Don't worry. Everything is going to be ok.

Thank you, Audrie, for the sweet reminder.