Tuesday, August 09, 2011

lots of toys

 I have a couple weeks off work so on Monday we headed out to do a few things on our 'To Do' list (a billion things we want to do with the girls in NYC). Our first stop was in Times Square at the gigantic Toys-R-Us store that has a four story Ferris wheel in the middle of it. So fun!
 Even the hard-to-impress Annie was amazed. :)
 We waited in line for a few minutes and then got buckled into a cute yellow bus (which Audrie was not thrilled that we didn't get the Scooby Doo car, but it was a good lesson in "you get what you get and you don't get upset!). But after the ride started she was happy again.
 It was $4 for a ticket and considering the prices of things in Times Square I thought that was pretty good.
 Annie loved it!
 After the ferris wheel we walked around and checked out all the cool toy exhibits, bought a ton of candy....
 and then headed over to 59th street to another amazing toy store, FAO Schwarz!
 It was about 20 blocks away but we decided to walk because it was a fun part of town and we got to sightsee along the way.
 So many pretty churches on Fifth Avenue!
 Y'all, Jamie is ADDICTED to this specific ice cream truck, Mister Softee. He won't stop talking about it! Please tease him.
 And it was hard to pass by my addiction... cheap purses being sold on every corner!
 Another beautiful church (I tried to appreciate some architecture for my brother's sake, but I didn't know what to stare at).
 Then we arrived at the magical toy store.
 Audrie spent most of her time drooling over the miles and miles of dress up clothes.
 She hasn't STOPPED talking about this blue cinderella princess dress that she has to have in her life. We told her she would have to wait and tell Santa about it. (But for $80 I hope by Christmas she has forgotten about it... or Samanthe can sew her one!)
And of course we had to visit the big floor piano! I think I had more fun playing on it than the girls. :)
(photo credit- Jamie)

 Audrie could have stayed there all day if we had let her.

This next picture was in front of a green screen at the store... something about getting your picture made into a puzzle or a book..? I just thought the girls looked cute standing there (mostly because they were actually being STILL for a moment in time)!

After a couple hours playing in the city, we got on the subway and headed back to our quiet neighborhood. The girls slept good that night! (me, too!) I think tomorrow we're either going to try the Brooklyn Children's Museum or the Central Park Zoo. It still blows my mind that we have SO many crazy choices of what to do every day!