Tuesday, August 09, 2011

way too much whining

God has been amazing to us as we've taken this LEAP of faith and we are blessed that's for sure. But I still find myself getting a little whiny now and then. Please forgive me for how shallow this post is, but I'm just keepin' it real. ;) A few of you have mentioned being jealous of our adventure so maybe this will help lessen that for you.

So in case you were wondering what I could possibly have to whine about... here ya go:

1. Walking everywhere we go! It took me about 3 weeks for my legs and feet to stop hurting, so that's nice that I'm not in actual pain anymore. But we honestly walk at least an hour a day. Just running errands, going to the parks, going to work, etc.

It's awesome to have this city at our fingertips, but it's not so fun to walk down the sweaty, stinky streets to get places. I know we could take a taxi (and we do occasionally) but we're trying to not spend the money and get lazy.

I've decided my personal threshold is about 12 blocks. If I have to walk farther then 12-15 blocks to get somewhere then I get a little grouchy! :)

Oh and also we are usually pushing both girls in the stroller and carrying stuff in our arms while we walk. I do miss my purse, too. I love my bookbag but it's strange to have to carry everything I need for the day. I'm used to throwing it in the car but now I have to pack my water bottle, lunch, laptop, papers for school, change of shoes (if I want to wear cute shoes at work... I need practical shoes to walk home in).

Someone told me that in the Fall here when it's cool and lovely outside- that the walking is more fun and invigorating. We'll see about that. :)

2. it's DIRTY here! (If you aren't rolling your eyes at me by now then see what you think of this.) I'm having trouble adjusting to the nastiness in this city. Trash on the streets is bad. I can't even begin to fathom how people just litter like it's no big deal. It's so gross. And then dog poo everywhere and puddles of smelly liquid that you don't even try to imagine what it is. Also the pigeons are gross (and scary!) because when you get close to them they start flapping their wings and stirring up the dusty dirt and grit on the street. Gets in my eyes. Ugh.

And even our apartment building is dirty to me (and I really love where we live). Every time I walk in the lobby I have to resist the urge to go get a huge bucket of warm soapy water and a mop. I just want to clean the entire lobby every day. And the stairwell is dirty (the girls sometimes use their hands on the stairs to walk up and I have to make them stop because it's so gross).

3. lack of PERSONAL SPACE. I feel a bit smothered by the smelly people, loud traffic, and buildings. I get tired of being bumped into and just want to stand in a big field of sweet grass and trees and blue skies... and take in a big deep breath of fresh air (and twirl around while I sing "the hills are alive....!!").

4. And last but definitely not least. I MISS YOU. You people. Come visit us!

Ok, I'll try to quit complaining now and focus on the blessings we have...