Monday, September 05, 2011

day with the girls

On Saturday I had the girls to myself because Jamie was at the Flea Market (he did great again!) and I was looking forward to spending some quality time with Audrie and Annie.

We took the subway downtown to Audrie's favorite store, Lush. Ever since we went a few weeks ago, it's all she can talk about. She just loves it! 

We got there a few minutes before it opened and she stood there with her face smashed up again the glass of the door staring at the workers. They waved at her and smiled. It was really cute.

Those ladies there treat Audrie like a rockstar the moment she walks in. Taking her by the hand and asking her what fun samples she would like to try. They let her rub sparkly lotion all over herself, play in buckets of bubble bath, and even let her sample edible lip scrubs and balms. She was in heaven!

 And I love all their products, too! I use their face lotion and it smells so good on my face all day.
 They were really sweet with Annie, too. They got her a big bowl of bubble bath and let her make a huge mess on the floor. They showed her how to clap her hands full of bubbles and make the bubbles fly everywhere. She thought it was great!
 After all the fun I let Audrie walk around with her little basket and pick three little things she wanted. (She chose three different types of their bubble bath balls that fizz in the water.)

After Lush, we walked a few blocks to one of my favorite clothing stores, Fiolene's Basement, because I needed a new pair of black 'teacher' flat shoes. The girls did GREAT in the store. Annie just chilled in the stroller while Audrie ran around finding me a million pairs of shoes to try on. Each one was her new 'favorite'. :)
Then we were just a few blocks from Central Park and I had packed a picnic lunch. I wanted to try to find that Great Lawn that you see in the movies all the time. And thankfully we were just about two blocks from that spot, so we walked right to it no problem. (And it looks just like it does in the movies... so beautiful!)

 We spread out our picnic and had the best time there! (In the background is a little mini-castle that overlooks Turtle Pond.)
 The girls ate and then ran around, picked flowers, and made some new friends while I lounged on the blanket. It was so relaxing! (Audrie blew bubbles with this little girl and her dad for a really long time. I felt like I needed to thank him for babysitting when we left...)
 On the way out of the park, I stumbled across another really cool playground area so we stopped in for a while. I honestly think NYC probably has at least a thousand playgrounds. We find a new one a couple times a week. It's awesome.
 Annie says "Are you coming, mom??..."
 Audrie found a little boy to play with while we were there. Her usual park routine is: 1)take off running around the whole playground and check everything out for a few minutes and then 2) find a friend to play with! And it's great for me because we've found that most parents in NYC only have one kid, so since Audrie starts playing with their one kid then I feel better about keeping my attention on Annie! I'd change the saying to "It takes a village to raise TWO kids". (Ha! I know those of you with more than two kids are rolling your eyes at me!)

 Annie had fun running around this park. She actually doesn't eat everything off the ground anymore. Yay!!
 However she is a complete daredevil! Here she is about to bail off down this huge slide. Keep in mind I'm 5"9' and here she is way above my head... no fear!
 It was getting way too close to naptime when we finally left, so we cheated a little and got a cab home. I let Audrie hail the cab for me. She did great. The taxi stopped for her...!
 After naps we went across the street to 'our' park, got snow cones, and played til Daddy got home. It was a great day with my girls!
Love. Love. Love them!