Friday, October 21, 2011


 Yay! Ben (and Jim) are in visiting from Arkansas and Audrie is just beside herself with glee.

They came over yesterday as Audrie was getting up from naptime and the two of them didn't miss a beat and were best friends sharing a snack again.
Jamie and Jim left for awhile to give Jamie a break from the estrogen in the apartment and I let the kids do some artwork.

Annie joined in the fun. It was cute because she saw how Ben and Audrie were laying on their bellies to draw- so she had to try to be just like them and laid on her belly, too.
 Ben and Audrie played for hours together and had THE best time catching up.
 Ben told Audrie a wild story about some pirates...
 And Audrie was a good girl and smiled and nodded at all the right times in the silly boy story. ;)

 They were cracking each other up.
 The best part of the evening was when we got out the dress-up box and the two of them spent some time dancing together.
 My camera was on a weird setting so the pictures are a little grainy but I was glad I captured this moment. These two really love each other.
Breaks my heart even more that we live so far from them now!