Friday, November 04, 2011

busy weekend with my mama!

 My mom came up at the end of last week to spend a couple of days with us and I was SO excited to have her here. But I didn't know she was going to bring 4 inches of snow with her!
 The random snow was pretty but a little crazy, especially since we were trying to do things around town while she was here. We took Audrie to a small theater production of Rapunzel and, of course, she was thrilled!
 Audrie did amazingly the entire time we were there. She got a little antsy waiting for the show to start, so my mom let her count down the time on her watch.
 Audrie absolutely loved the show and had a huge grin on her face the whole time (though she did ask me to hide her eyes once when the fairy tale witch got a little scary). After the show, mom and I took Audrie to a diner I had been wanting to try near Times Square. They have singing waiters and the atmosphere is so fun.
 It was Audrie's heaven. She was in awe the entire time we were there and could barely eat her food because she was so enthralled with all the singing.

 Annie didn't run around town too much with us, but she did get some good snuggle time in with her Grandma Lowery.
 On Sunday afternoon I took mom downtown to the Museum of Modern Art. Most of it we loved (like this awesome Picaso) and we saw THE 'Starry Night' painting so that was cool. But there were definitely some very strange modern interpretations of 'art' in there (like a large canvas painted white...). But it was fun to go see it all!
 After the museum we walked past a frozen yogurt place, Pinkberry, that is all the rage. So we had to try it out.
 I had chocolate with tons of toppings and my mom had pomegranate yogurt with some yummy toppings, too. It was really good!
It was soooo nice to have my mom here! Jamie and I were able to go out on a double date with Jason and Sam. And on Saturday morning we even slept until 9am!!

We did wear her out while she was here, but I hope she won't wait until too long to come back again!