Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat

 The number one reason to have a close friend that is a costume designer... she can make AMAZING halloween costumes! Sam totally MADE this Cinderella dress for Audrie. Isn't it just too wonderful??
 Audrie was in LOVE with it and will probably not take it off until June.
 She had to make sure it twirled just right...

 And it did! This is one happy little girl.
 Sweet little Annie was a pumpkin (to pair with the Cinderella story) and looked so cute!
 She actually hated the whole costume idea for the first five minutes, but once we mentioned "going outside" (her favorite phrase) and get "candy!"- she decided she could live with the costume for one night.
 Such a doll!
 Here is my attempt to get in a photo with the girls. (I dressed up like a cowgirl for my school's costume day today.)
 Jamie put on a viking hat so he could say he tried to dress up, too.
 Our first stop to test out the trick or treating process was at Jason and Sam's apartment. Here are the girls waiting for the elevator.
 And knocking on their door...
 Trick or Treat!
 Sam and Baby Samuel joined us for a little walk around the neighborhood.
 So how it works here... all the cute little trick-or-treaters walk around with the families and go into the stores and restaurants around the neighborhood to get candy. Everyone was SUPER nice and gave the girls way too much candy.
 It actually was really fun going into all the shops and meeting all the owners.
 The girls loved it!
 Every time Audrie came out she was crazy excited about her candy and would show Jamie every new piece that she got. It was cute.
 There were trick-or-treaters walking around every where. It made the blocks around us seem even more "homey" than before. We really love living in this area.
 Here is a quick photo Sam snapped of the Four of Us.
 We trick or treated for about an hour, but it was starting to get cold so we headed home.
 Annie slobbered on a huge sucker all the way home. She was happy!
 Samuel got to chew on some unwrapped candy and was just as happy. :)
 So that was our Halloween night here in the city. Not too much different than home... just a little change in the scenery.
Thank you, again, to Sam for the special one-of-a-kind dress that we will cherish forever!