Monday, December 05, 2011

christmas tree shopping

 Last weekend we set out to pick out our Christmas tree. (Of course Audrie sang all the way there...)
How it works here is there are Christmas tree stands set up every couple of blocks and you pick out the live tree you want to take home.

 Audrie was excited!
 Annie was snuggled in my baby backpack, but she was a happy girl, too.
 We picked out a little tree this year, since we don't have any extra space in our apartment. This is our first year to have a live tree and it smelled so good! Jamie carried it the three blocks back to our place.
 But he had a good helper...
Jamie unwrapped the tree for us so we could start decorating.
 We cranked the Mariah Carey Christmas playlist and unpacked our tote of decorations. (ONE tub of Christmas decorations was all Jamie would let me bring from Arkansas when we moved. Breaks my heart. But it kept the girls busy for a long time!)
 They both had lots of fun putting ornaments on the tree.

Jamie did his fatherly duty and put the star on top when we were done.

 I love how warm and Christmasey it is in our apartment now! (Don't the girls look cute sitting there doing art work together?)
Until you look closely and see that Audrie is unraveling a whole roll of tape and Annie is marking all over her hands... 
ha! Good times. :)