Saturday, December 03, 2011

our thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving morning we started cooking early.
  You can see Annie was a big help in the kitchen!

 While Audrie was busy pretending she wasn't the one who trashed her room...
 We went over to Jason and Sam's apartment to spend the day feasting with them.
 They had cooked up tons of tasty treats. Including two of Jason's famous carrot cakes. I actually had a piece of cake BEFORE the meal!
 Annie helped herself to the appetizers.
 Almost tall enough!
 Audrie waited patiently for the food to be ready.
 Though we missed our families, it was great to have our dear friends to spend the holiday with!
 Jason's sister, Juli, and her husband, Josh, were in town from Boston, too. It was great to get to see them again!
 We skyped with family in Arkansas.

 Tried to get a photo of the four of us. (Thanks, Caleb, for the attempt!)
 Josh and Juli are both like baby-whisperers who were able to keep all the kiddos happy throughout the day. It was a huge help to have them playing with the girls so we could eat and relax.
 Finally the turkey was ready to devour.
 So we sat down and enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner!
Audrie provided some entertainment after dinner, prancing around in Jamie's shoes.
When we left that night we piled both girls in our laundry cart (that we had used to haul our food over).
Thank you, Burrows, for making our Thanksgiving such a special one!