Thursday, December 22, 2011

we cheated

A few weeks ago when Jamie and I sat down to figure out how all our Christmas plans were going to work out (take presents to Arkansas, wait and open gifts when we get back, etc). And how we would explain how Santa brought gifts to two places...? We decided that we were going to celebrate Christmas a week early in our house. 

So last Friday night we declared it Christmas Eve and I went into the kitchen with the girls to bake cookies for Santa!
 Both the girls heaped on the sprinkles.
 Until Annie realized it was easier just to eat the sprinkles straight from the jar.
 Audrie wrote a letter to Santa. (She told me this says "Dear Santa, I'm on the nice list.")
 After the girls went to bed, Jamie and I piled up the presents under the tree.
 My brother Caleb is still staying with us and I didn't have a stocking for him, so I had to make do...
 The next morning the girls woke up all excited that it was "Christmas"! (C'mon this is the only age that we could convince them it was Christmas Day, right?) They didn't know the difference and tore into their stockings.
 Jamie must have been on the nice list, too, because he got a few things in his stocking.
Annie and Caleb discussed their strategy for which presents to open first.
 The girls helped me sort through all my treats, too.
Then finally we let them open their gifts!
 Audrie is at such a perfect age where she LOVES every single gift and is equally excited about each one.  Annie really got into it all, too. It was fun watching them both squeal with excitement.

 Audrie was more than thrilled that Santa brought her the Barbie doll she asked for!
 Jamie, being the amazing dad he is, pretended to be thrilled about Barbie, too. :)
 We had to take a pause in the present opening to play with the new doll.
 I got Audrie a little pink acoustic guitar. (Hoping we can get her on a street corner singing for cash soon.)
We got Annie a sturdy toy shopping cart to tote all her loot around, but then realized later that she looks kind of like the homeless pushing her shopping cart down the sidewalk. Oh well, she loves it!
 Audrie bought and wrapped some presents for everyone. The best part is how she 'labeled' who the gift was for... she drew a picture on the wrapping of whose gift it was...!
 Audrie wanted to carry all her presents around. (Could we get her any MORE pink??)
Caleb serenaded us with a little caroling.
 It was a fun "Christmas" morning! I baked Paula Dean's french toast casserole and we had a yummy breakfast after opening presents.
 Both the girls played with their presents all morning while Jamie and I lounged around like lazy bums. Perfect!
 Then Annie modeled her new house slippers...
It really was a great time. Even though I'm sure we broke some parenting laws by having a fake Christmas Day..! So, um, Merry Christmas everyone! :)