Friday, January 27, 2012

out and about

The first couple of months that we lived here I always wanted to go DO stuff any chance we got. But now that we've been here for awhile I can finally accept that its ok when we stay in our pajamas all weekend.

But the past couple of weekends we've been out and about.

We took the girls to the NYC Public Library. But it was when Annie was starting to recover from being so sick so I thought she would be ok with getting out of the house. Nope. She melted down pretty quickly so we didn't stay long. Audrie has been asking to go back- they had a really fun children's department. 

So while Annie stayed home with Jamie. I took Audrie to see the musical Pinkalicious (based on her favorite children's book). She was SO excited!

Here we are running to catch our train. (Audrie has become a natural with the subways now. She knows the the "A" train is 'our' train and if we want the uptown or downtown train, etc. It's cute to hear her talk about it.)
Made it to the theater with only a few minutes to spare.
Of course they were serving cupcakes as we sat in our seats!
Cupcakes and a musical?! What more could Audrie ask for?
It was a fun date with my girl.

I also had another celebrity moment, because sitting right next to us in the theater was Caroline Rhea and her four year old daughter. 

Our former neighbors from Arkansas, Becca and Kyla, came up to visit for a few days and OH MY GOODNESS they did every single thing there is to do in New York City while they were here. If you have a chance you should totally check out the blog she created about their trip (amazing photos):

I swiped a couple photos off her blog:
Audrie was excited to have Kyla here to play with. (Here they are having breakfast one morning.)
 I like this photo Becca took of us getting ready to head out with them to see some sights around town.
We took the girls to Chinatown. Honestly I've only been to the side of Chinatown that is purses and shopping mania, but the more authentic streets with Chinese culture is really awesome to experience. It was funny because when we turned the corner Audrie gasped "It's Mulan!".
We went in a Chinese Mart (nothing like a Wal Mart... ha!), but it was so cool and I found this book that my mom used to read to us as kids.
Audrie bought a Chinese umbrella and loves it so much she sleeps with it. :)
One of the days they were here we went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Audrie was really into all the artwork. She kept asking me to read all the placards that tell about the paintings.
I like this photo of Kyla and Audrie pondering the Rembrandts.
I wanted to steal this painting for my living room... (I loved the mom with her two little girls!).

It was so great having Becca and Kyla in town for awhile! I still can't believe how much they managed to do while they were here. Truly amazing.

This weekend we are keeping it low key around our house because next weekend is.... Audrie's birthday!!