Saturday, January 21, 2012

sweet sweet girls

This evening we were getting ready to go to a friend's house (yes, we are making friends here!) for dinner and I decided to snap a few quick photos of Audrie and Annie before we left. I had them stand on their kid's table in front of our living room window (lots of natural light). I love how these quick little photos turned out!

 Can't believe our LITTLE girl is turning four in a couple weeks. Love her so stinkin much!
 Cheesy little grin (I mean, big grin... she still has the biggest smile I've ever seen on a kid!).

And then there is this one. (Oh, Annie what are we going to do with you??)
 We just adore this girl.
 She gives THE best hugs!!! Such a cuddler! But also recently has decided she likes hitting and screaming NO. Can you imagine this sweet face doing such a thing??
 How can you love someone so much that drives you so crazy?
We can't imagine life without these two rocking our worlds each day.