Saturday, January 21, 2012

snow day!

Audrie and Annie both woke up this morning squealing about the snow! It was so cute to see them watching the snow with their faces next to each other pressed up against the window.
 After breakfast we suited up and got ready to head out to check out the snow.
 Annie wasn't a big fan of walking across the steaming subway grates on the sidewalk.
 We don't really have good snow boots for Annie and her gloves kept falling off (need to find some longer ones or some that have those tightening straps).
 I have a huge coat that I bought a couple months ago for my recess duty at school. It feels like I'm wearing a sleeping bag, but it keeps me warm!
 There was about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. Audrie really wanted to build a snowman but the snow wouldn't pack at all.
 She did manage to make a few snowballs though.

 Annie liked throwing snow at Jamie.
 Audrie made some snow angels.
 It is really pretty snow!
 In front of our apartment we saw these amazing four wheelers/snow plows that were cleaning off the sidewalks. We talked to the guys driving them and they said they had the most fun job ever!
 They let the girls sit on the four wheelers for a minute.
 We stayed outside for about an hour before our faces were so red that we had to go back inside.
 We fired up our Cocomotion (one of the few kitchen gadgets that we brought with us... thought it might come in handy during the cold NYC winters!). The girls loved stirring their hot chocolate with candy canes.

 Somehow Audrie managed to get her sticky candy cane all wrapped up in her hair!

A quick detangle and back to the slurping.
I'm sure in no time we'll be tired of the snow here, but today was a fun snow day in the city!