Saturday, February 04, 2012

girls will be girls

 Our friend, April, came over the other day with her three year old son, Hunter. Audrie and Annie were playing with the dress-up box of clothes and putting on a show for us (non-stop singing) and April said something about how little girls and boys play so differently.
 I don't think I would know what to do if we had two little boys instead. ?!
 Hunter did participate for a whole ten seconds, but then went back to hitting a balloon around the house.
 Audrie takes her performances very seriously!
 Except recently she has started charging us one penny per song.
 But as girly as our girls are... they still love to wrestle.
 Usually it's Annie that instigates it all.
 She loves to throw her arms around Audrie and drag her to the ground. Giggling the whole time!
 It's actually pretty cute, until someone bashes their head on the floor and the drama ensues.
We do love these two girly girls!