Friday, March 23, 2012

happy birthday daddy

 For Jamie's birthday last week the girls and I made Jamie a special birthday dessert.
 The girls LOVE to cook with me in the kitchen (and any excuse to wear their cute aprons).

 Of course they usually eat half the batter before we get it in the oven.
 I've always wanted to try making these cupcakes inside an ice cream cone (I put a hershy's kiss in the bottom of each one before I poured the batter in.) Yum!
 The girls helped me ice them and we brought them out to Jamie to sing Happy Birthday for him.
 He made a wish and blew out his candles.
The girls had picked out some presents for him to open. My gift to him was I took the day off work the next day so he could have a "day off", too. (oh and we also bought a washer/dryer combo for our apartment... which is actually a really big deal for us after 8 months of dragging all our clothes and sheets to the laundry mat!!). Happy Birthday, Jamie!! :)