Saturday, March 17, 2012

don't come between annie and her iphone

We knew it was only a matter of time before Annie was addicted to our phones. She mastered it pretty fast and is at the point now where you just hand her the phone and she turns it on, finds her favorite apps and plays until you make her stop. So crazy!

The irony of this next picture is that she is sitting next to a large pile of books... (not reading them). ha!
 But I will say that I have been impressed with her skills and honestly some of the apps she plays are really educational. Her favorite is one called Tozzle. She puts together puzzles and they gradually get harder. She's really great at it!
Her other favorites are anything in the Toca Boca line of games. But she also loves to get on youtube and usually she stays on the Baby Einstein videos, but you know how fast youtube links can lead to terribleness so I have to stay pretty close to her (I wish iPhone would let you put a password lock on only the youtube app).

Anyways, I actually am glad Annie finally figured out the iPhone- it really helps on long subway rides!