Thursday, March 15, 2012

trip to long island beach

Last month I had a week off from school and it was a gorgeous day out, so we decided to rent a car and drive to the beach with the girls. And, wow, am I so glad we did! The day turned out to be just as fun as we hoped it would be (and you know with two toddlers that is saying a lot).


It felt SOOOOOO amazing to put the girls in their carseats and just drive (like REAL people). I don't even know if I can explain what it feels like to never drive anywhere. To not own a car. It's SO weird. This little day trip was JUST what we needed to get a little taste of 'normal'.

 We got McDonald's for breakfast and headed out for the day with Jamie at the wheel. (Honestly, we were all grinning ear to ear just from the sad fact that we were heading out somewhere IN A CAR.)

Ok so maybe Jamie wasn't smiling, but he has to keep up his image as Cool Dad, right?
 And alright, Annie did get car sick and throw up all over herself, but dang it I was still smiling.

We waved bye to the island of Manhattan and crossed over the bridge into Long Island.
 We had to stop and pick up 46 trumpets at a band instrument resale shop (yes, 46 trumpets) and then one more stop in an adorable fishing town for some tasty seafood. But then finally we arrived at Long Beach...!
 We unleashed the girls and just let them RUNNNNNNNNNN on the deserted beach. (Obviously no one else in their right mind was at the beach in February. Ha!) But we enjoyed the much needed solitude and open space.
 The sun felt great on my face. We brought a blanket to stretch out on, but we ended up doing more running than relaxing. But that was ok, too.

 I brought some toys for the girls to dig in the sand with. Annie kept stomping on Audrie's sandcastles though. Little stinker.
 It was around 60 degrees that day, but a little windy so we kept our jackets on.
 The wind kept blowing sand in poor Annie's face.
 Thanks to Jamie to snapping these photos!

 There was a nice pile of rocks that kept the girls entertained, too.
 Though this next picture of Audrie cracks me up... little pin-up model pose. ha!
 These two had the best time playing together on the beach.
 As you can imagine the water was pretty cold, but Audrie got brave a few times and ran in.
 Annie had fun running full speed towards Jamie...
 and he'd scoop her up...
 and toss her in the air. She loved it!
 I don't think Annie stopped smiling the whole time we were there.

And of course Audrie had to sing a few bars of "Part of Your World" at the top of her lungs...
 Such a fun day!