Monday, April 09, 2012

little red lighthouse

Before we left Arkansas one of our friends, Angela Hopkins, gave the girls a book about The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge since she knew we would be living close to the George Washington Bridge. The girls love reading this book. So we decided today that we would go find this lighthouse and check it out.

And, y'all, I have grown comfortable walking in pretty much any part of this city, but today we walked through an area I'd stay far away from at night! We could have taken a cab, but oh no, we marched our little blond headed girls down the sketchy tunnels and underpasses to get to this lighthouse. It was part of the adventure, right?!

It was a beautiful day out today! So we enjoyed the walk.
I had Annie in my carrier so it was hard to include her in the photos...

"Jamie, where are you taking us??"
Finally we got close to the bridge and the waterfront was pretty to walk along.

Then we saw it! The lighthouse!

Audrie was so excited (or as she pronounces it "buck-cited")!
It looks just like it does in the story. Cowering under the huge bridge!

The lighthouse is closed so you can't go up in it, but the girls were still happy to see it in person.

We spread a blanket out and had a little picnic there.
 The area around the lighthouse is really pretty.
 It was nice to just chill and enjoy the scenery for a bit.

 The girls had fun trying to throw rocks in the Hudson River.
 The Manhattan skyline...
 One of the great things about the weather here is that Spring seems to last forever. We are used to Arkansas where you get like two weeks of springtime and then the summer heat kicks in. It's nice that there are still trees starting to bud and flower gardens just now starting to bloom.
 My sweet girls. (Thanks, Jamie, for the photo!)

 Audrie doesn't miss a chance to be Ariel on the perfect rock.
 It was a fun little trip down to the lighthouse and now we can cross that off our 'to-do' list.

Tomorrow we are renting bicycles (those ones with the child seats on the back) and going bike riding through Central Park (another item on our list of "things to do while we live in NYC").
Happy Spring Break to me!