Monday, April 09, 2012

our easter

 Last weekend we took the girls to an Easter Egg hunt in our neighborhood. They had a blast finding all the eggs!

  A quick hug for the Easter Bunny.

 Audrie was focused on finding as many eggs as possible!
 She did stop to talk to a girl she saw from her pre-school class. This girl's name is Audrey. :)
 Sam and Samuel came, too. Such a cutey!
 The park where the festivities was held is so beautiful. The girls stopped to compare their loot under this gorgeous tree.
 Sweet Annie.
 Audrie got her face painted while we were there.
Last night we had fun painting our eggs. But I have to honest and say that Easter is tough holiday for me to try to explain to Audrie. We've been talking about the Resurrection and watching a great video I found online for kids that helps explain Easter. But she has some tough questions about how and why Jesus died. And then how do you explain why we are dying eggs??
 Luckily we had our hands full trying to keep Annie from sticking her whole hand in the egg dye, so that distracted Audrie from too many questions. Maybe next year it will be easier to talk her through it all. But it is exciting that she is starting to try to understand how God works in her life.
 This morning we went to church. (Did I tell you that finally found a church we love?) It was nice to go and enjoy a wonderful Easter Service and reflect upon the miracle of the Resurrection and God's infinite love for us.
 We attempted to get a photo of the girls after church.
We all took long naps and then went to Jason and Sam's for a tasty Easter Dinner. It was a wonderful day.

Except I found myself feeling really down tonight. We missed our families a lot today! I've been battling some serious homesickness lately and for some reason today was extra tough.

I will take some time this week to refocus on why God brought us here...

Love you all! Miss you. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!