Wednesday, April 18, 2012

make new friends

Since the day they were born, both my girls have been very social and make friends fast. I was wondering what this transition to a big city would do to their outgoing personalities. I shouldn't have worried because they both still talk to everyone they meet and make a new friend at the park everyday.

Here is Audrie walking home from pre-school with two of her gal pals, Carina and Lola.


And I love this photo that Jamie took of Annie in the park with a new friend she made. (She knows how to find the cute boys..!)

When we go to the park if Audrie doesn't see one of her regular friends, she will quickly find someone new to play with. Like this little boy that she built dirt piles with one afternoon.

 And I think I've posted about this before, but Audrie has a friend in her ballet class named Gracie. And every day when we leave ballet they both want to pose next to this statue on our walk to the subway.
I will say the oddest thing happened the other day when we were coming home from church. The girls and I were waiting outside the bagel shop while Jamie ran in to get some lunch for us. Audrie started smiling and saying hi to a homeless man on the street. The homeless guy reached in his cup and handed Audrie a quarter. She smiled and said thanks! I wasn't really sure if that was ok, but they were both smiling, so I just said thank you and we left!

So, yeh, my daughters have no problem making friends in this city! ha!