Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Last night I got to do something fun and unusual. I went to the opening night of an architecture gallery and smiled and nodded at my brother Caleb's work he has been creating the past few months.
 I wasn't able to capture many photos of all the displays in the gallery because everyone was very pretentiously hipster and I'm pretty sure you were just supposed to ponder the artistic structures and not snap photos... ;)

Ok, just kidding, it wasn't that snobby- but it was really fun to be proud of my brother and his creative efforts! His work displayed there is really awesome!

I snapped this next picture of a guy who was posing for my camera and being very silly. I tried to make them move so I could get a photo of the art in the window. I think I even made fun of him. Later Caleb told me it was the owner of the gallery. Oops.
 After we left the gallery opening, Caleb and I walked a few blocks to find some dinner and I saw this cool graffiti and just had to make Caleb stop for a photo.
 I really love graffiti. Such an awesome background for photos!
 Caleb, looking all GQ.
 More graffiti.
I had Caleb snap my pic on those cool steps (with my bright red hat and huge yellow purse).

 So we walked a few blocks and came upon this restaurant that ended up being really cool. I don't even know how to describe it, but they had this retro VW van that they converted into a taco stand (inside the restaurant) and also another cool bar on the other side with fun sangrias and margaritas. And the tacos were all really unique, gourmet and very tasty. I loved this place!

Caleb and I share our birthday (he was born on my 12th birthday)... here we are on his first birthday. (let's not even talk about my glasses. 13 was a rough age for me! ha!)

 ...and last night on our belated dinner date. Happy 22nd birthday, Caleb.
I'm proud of you!