Thursday, June 21, 2012

Audrie's Preschool Graduation

 Audrie's preschool graduation was last week and we were excited for her!

The lighting on this pic of Annie and I is all wrong, but I still like it. Annie was excited to cheer for "Ah-dee"!
 The teachers called each student up to receive their diploma. It was super cute.
 Annie was adorable sitting in the audience waiting for Audrie's turn across the stage.
 (Don't ask why she's not wearing shoes...!)
 Annie politely clapped for every student.
 Annie did get a little restless so Jamie kept her entertained.
 Finally it was time for Audrie's class. She walked out with her group and I did the thing that I always tell my choir students not to do on stage- I yelled loudly for Audrie and waved my hand wildly at her until she waved back!
 Her class sat down and sang a song first. They gave each kid a chance to do a little solo. Here is Audrie clapping along to her song about her pink dress...
 Then the teacher's let each kid do a dance solo. Audrie rocked it out! :)
 Then it was Audrie's turn to walk across the little stage with her diploma...
 And that's when she decided to get all shy, clutched her diploma to her face, and her hat fell off. Perfect!
 So proud of her!
 I asked her teacher, Ms. Vanessa, to pose for a photo with Audrie and she started to do the typical arm around Audrie's shoulder- but then stopped and said "no wait, this is Audrie... I have to strike a pose with her!".
We have LOVED Audrie's teacher and her experience at pre-school. Ms. Vanessa wrote Audrie a sweet card about how she will miss Audrie's spunk and creativity. And how she knows she will see Audrie on America's Got Talent someday. And she said that she hopes Audrie will always "keep her teachers on her toes". Sounds like Ms. Vanessa knows Audrie very well! :)