Sunday, June 24, 2012

much needed

Kim came to town last week to visit us and it was much needed! She brought Jacob and Emma with her and they played with Audrie and Annie like they were long lost friends. It was wonderful. 

And Kim, Samanthe and I went out for a girls night that was filled with TMI and TLC.

It was so awesome to have Jaocb and Emma here to love on the girls, too. They all played together so wonderfully and Audrie and Annie are still asking for them. 

Annie was giving out snuggles to everyone, of course.

Ok, I'll include this in this post since it was "much needed", too. Jamie gave me the best birthday gift on the planet. HE TOOK THE GIRLS TO ARKANSAS FOR A WEEK. I've been by myself for a week and it's been pure bliss. Of course I've missed them terribly, but I'm only saying that so you won't think I'm a bad person.
 Jamie also got me a ticket to see Porgy and Bess on Broadway. It was great! Thank you, Jamie!
 This weekend my friend Shannon came to visit for a few days and we have been running around town like crazy tourists.
 We saw Matthew Broderick in "Nice Work if You Can Get It". Super fun show!!
 We spent some time shopping in Chinatown.
 We saw Michael Jackson dance on the subway.
 We biked through Central Park.
 We took the Staten Island Ferry.
 And saw Lady Liberty.
 Visited the 911 memorial.
Anyways, it's always great to have friends visit! So if you haven't been up yet, come visit. :)