Tuesday, July 03, 2012

audrie's recital

 Two weekends ago Audrie had her ballet recital and I was out of my mind excited for her! We didn't get to take photos or videos (should be coming in the mail soon) but we were SOOOOO proud of her. Audrie did amazing up on that stage. Her entire ballet class of 3-4 year olds were so poised and hit every step of their choreography like perfect little ballerinas... I was fighting tears the entire time (Jamie was too, ok). So freakin cute!
 The theater where the dance company performed was awesome. Audrie's class was third from the end of the two hour performance...! But worth the wait. When her class did take the stage Jamie and I were both cheering loudly.

The dance company where Audrie takes ballet is called Broadway Dance Center and it's one block from Times Square. The recital featured dancers from their Children and Teen program (ages 3-18) and when we saw the older classes perform we were blown away. They were impressive dancers!
It made me emotional to see those teenage girls and imagine Audrie up there someday.
We have loved Audrie's ballet teacher, Miss Shelia! She is super patient with those little girls and Audrie has a blast every week in class.
Jamie bought Audrie some roses to give Audrie after the recital. She was beaming.
I can't wait to get the video in the mail! I will definitely post Audrie's portion so you can witness the three minutes of adorableness. :)