Saturday, July 07, 2012

one year anniversary


A year ago today we left Arkansas and moved to New York City.

Things we love about living in NYC:
1) something new and fun to do every day (haven't been bored once in a year)
2) tons of great parks to play in
3) so much yummy food/restaurants/having ANY food delivered whenever you want
3) Broadway musicals!
5) meeting new people/ making new friends
6) the adventure of living outside of our comfort zone
7) the interesting way that here you don't stick out or fit in (just be whatever you want to be)
8) living near our friends Jason and Samanthe
9) we love Audrie's dance studio (and her pre-school)
10) the nyc skyline view from our apartment is pretty sweet

Things we miss about Arkansas:
1) our friends and family!!!!
2) the simpler way of life
3) driving a car/ having the girls in car seats
4) Chic-fil-a, Walmart, Sonic, Taco Bell
5) having a back yard/grill/porch/room to play
6) our church (Fellowship)
7) central heat and A/C
8) our kitty
9) my piano
10) our friends and family (I'm gonna put this one twice because it's a big one for us)!