Monday, July 23, 2012

a little about annie

 I was telling some of my friends (who also blog) that I think my blogging days are slowly coming to an end. I think the only thing that keeps me going is that I feel like I blogged SO much about Audrie as a baby/toddler that I want Annie to have her 'time' in our blog books, too. But I realize that I'll never be able to even the score, so I'll just throw a few extra posts in about Annie every now and then! ha! :)
 So, Annie. This girl makes me laugh out loud several times a day. She is so much stinkin' fun. And she is SUPER sweet and loving and cuddly. I think before God sent her to earth to be our baby, He must have pulled her aside and said "make sure you HUG everyone that comes within a 50 foot radius of you". Because apparently she believes it is her job to ensure that everyone gets their cuddle time with her.
 She also doesn't like to wear clothes. (and oh my goodness I realize how skinny this little girl is, but I promise we feed her. LOTS. But she just won't fatten up!)
 The past couple of weeks she has decided to start talking non-stop and it's so cute to hear all her new personality come out in her conversations. Such a fun stage! When every day you hear her say new sentences.

I was away at a music conference this past week and when I called to check-in with Jamie one evening (the day before I was coming home) Annie got on the phone and said "HI MOMMY! PRESENT TOMORROW? I YUV YOU. BYE BYE!"

So precious.

Annie is still hooked on her blankies (which for some reason she calles them "wockies"??).
She loves playing with dolls, coloring (mostly on her arms or furniture), helping me bake (aka lick the bowl), playing games on the iPad, and she really just loves to follow Audrie around all day like a loyal little puppy. Those two are inseparable. Whenever they are apart, Annie walks around saying "Ahdee? Where Ahdee?"

Anyways, I know it's tough to be the second child and get all the hand me downs. But Annie makes our family so much more complete and we are all so in love with her.