Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jersey Shore

Last week a friend invited us to come spend the day at her beach house on Jersey Shore. Of course we said yes! It's about an hour and half drive from our apartment. We rented a car, got our carseats out of the closets, and drove to the beach.

 The front porch of their rental house walked right out onto the beach. It was so nice!

 Audrie and Annie were so excited. They took off running as soon as they saw the water.
 We snatched them up long enough to put their swimsuits on them. Cuties!
 Ok, Jamie is a cutie, too. :)
 I was excited to get a little sunburn.
 Our friend's daughter, Carina, is one of Audrie's best friends from pre-school so they had a blast playing together all day.
 Audrie was much braver this year about getting in the waves.
 And, oh, my mom was in town visiting so she came along for the day, too!
 It was such a beautiful beach and the weather was just perfect that day!
 I still couldn't get over how much Audrie was just jumping right into those waves with no fear!
 Jamie did have to go in a few times and drag her closer to shore.

I thought since it was such a popular beach that it might be more crowded, but it wasn't.
 The beach divas took a break every once in awhile to refuel and rehydrate.
 Annie was pretty brave with the water, too, but only if her big sister was there to protect her.

 Annie did spend a lot of time rolling around in the sand. I'm pretty sure she will still have sand in her hair until Christmas.
 It was so great to have my mom there to help coral the kiddos. She has a little experience doing that. :)
 Annie's swimsuit is super cute but did have a couple indecent "wardrobe malfunctions"...
 We stayed all day (and took a walk on the boardwalk where the show Jersey Shore is filmed). Then threw the kiddos back in the car to sleep all the way home.
It was a fun day on the beach!