Wednesday, August 15, 2012

in case I forget

So we're on vacation at the beach this week (pics to come once we get home next week!) but I wanted to document something about our sweet Bannanie. (So when she's 13 and screaming that she hates me I can remember this about her..)

Annie has done this often since about one but more recently this week since we are wearing her out at the beach... she begs to go to bed at night. For real. On nights when she is really tired she'll start saying "night night, pwease?!". She keeps saying this until we finally put her in bed. Tonight she actually went and stood next to her bed and begged for me to put her to sleep. It's pretty awesome.

To balance out that awesomeness let me try to explain another fabulous thing about Annie. You really have to experience it in person to get the full effect, but Annie yells "NO!" at me in such a precise way about a hundred times a day and every time it cracks us up. I don't know why it is so funny. I probably should be worried about it, but honestly it is hilarious to me. I barely get the sentence out of my mouth and she very matter-of-factly yells NO at me. She doesn't say it in a spoiled brat way. More like 'THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN SO DON'T BRING IT UP EVER AGAIN, pwease.". And it's kind of shocking coming from her sweet little face.

"Annie, come sit here so I can fix your hair."


"Annie, please eat your lunch."


"Annie, stop licking the tv."


Reading it here makes it sound terrible, but I'm only sharing because it really does make us laugh. She goes right back to her adorable sweet self (she's never been able to really commit to her sassiness), but I suppose we better put a stop to it.

Or not. I guess if we're going to raise an adorable blond girl on the streets of NYC- screaming NO like she will cut you down- might not be a bad thing? Ha!