Saturday, August 18, 2012

accidental photo shoot

 We are back from the beach (where we had a total blast!) and I actually took my camera. I'm so bad about only taking photos with my phone anymore, so it was nice to see if I could still take photos with a real camera. :)
 This is the first time we have gone on a beach vacation by ourselves (usually we go with family or friends). And no offense to our fabulous family and friends whom we adore and hope to go on a million more vacations with... but this may have been the best vacation we've ever had!
 It was so super low key. Just wake up and decide whatever we wanted to do (or not do) that day. Only had to answer to ourselves... and these two adorable dictators.
 The girls had so much fun on the beach every day. We usually did the beach in the morning until lunch, then naps for everyone, pool in the afternoon, and then venturing out in the town for dinner and fun in the evenings.
 The weather was perfect. 85-90 degrees with enough of a breeze that it never felt too hot in the sun.
 The funny thing about all of these photos is that I very specifically decided before we left for this trip that I was NOT going to plan any outfits or try to do beach family photos on this trip. I just wanted to snap a few casual photos with my camera whenever I wanted to. On this morning we had rolled out of bed to try some breakfast at a cafe that had great reviews (and we wanted to go early enough that there wouldn't be a crowd to gawk at how we let Annie eat butter straight from the packets).

So I threw on a skirt with the same tank top I slept in, didn't put any product in my frizzed out beach hair, no make-up. I asked Jamie if he wouldn't mind just grabbing anything out of the girl's suitcase for them to wear to breakfast. As we were walking out the door to go eat I looked down at us and thought wow we are really oddly matching today.

After breakfast we were walking on the beach and I was snapping a few photos of the girls playing in the water. A lady walking by asked if we wanted our photo taken together (obviously from our well planned out attire the lady must have assumed we were a walking family photo just waiting for a cheesy photo!).

So she snapped a couple pictures on my camera. And I love them. Naturally, if I had tried to plan this it would have been a hot mess.
So thank you, random lady, for capturing our unplanned photo shoot. :)

As I sort through the photos from the rest of our week, I'll post a few more.