Saturday, September 22, 2012

bunch of stuff

So I realized I have several photos that I wanted to blog, but then it turned into more than several so I apologize for the length of this post! Turn back now. :)

Erin and Brandon came to visit two weeks ago and we had a blast running around the city with them (they went to two nights of the US Open with Jamie) and it was so wonderful to spend time with them! Audrie and Annie are in love with Erin and Brandon so it was a fun time. Unfortunately I didn't take ONE photo (I don't know how that happened!), but I did take a photo of this refrigerator magnet we got from the Central Park Zoo. So at least the memory of their visit is preserved on our fridge! :)

I am posting this next photo because some of my friends don't actually believe me when I tell them the size of my closet. This is it. It's about three feet wide. And of course it's only my clothes- Jamie doesn't have a closet- his clothes are in Rubbermaid tubs under our bed. The joys of tiny apartment living!

I didn't manage to take a photo of my first day of school, but I did take this one of me and the girls when I got home that day. I'll try to blog more later about school for me- but I will say that it's going AMAZING... like I never imagined it could go so well here. I don't want to jinx myself, but I am having a really good start to my school year.

This year I've been trying to make Jamie's morning easier (since he takes both girls to pre-school in the mornings), so I've been laying out the girls clothes, hairbows, backpack, etc, at night before I go to bed. I really like doing it because it helps me feel a part of their day if I can picture what they are wearing to school.
Both girls are loving school. Audrie has been coming home with homework and I love it. (Except the first night she spent 2 minutes writing her letters and then about 45 minutes coloring the picture that went with it..!?)
I'm glad I caught this photo of Annie. She always does this thing with her arm when she wants us to chase her. (FYI- Annie is FAST! I honestly have to try really hard to catch her. It's a bit embarrassing.)
This next pic is kind of dark but Annie can master the monkey bars just as well as Audrie. Annie is fearless at the park!
We got caught in a sudden downpour the other day walking home and both girls thought it was the best thing ever.
Audrie pretending to be the Statue of Liberty.

I love the next two photos, because they were taken one second apart and capture Audrie's personality perfectly.
"Yes, I'm a sweet princess.... who is an utter goofball."
This next photo is a sample of what I usually find on my phone after Audrie plays with it.
We have an app called "Pimp my Hair" (great name, I know) but Audrie loves it. And it's pretty hilarious.
Audrie likes to ask me how to spell words. She knows how to write all her letters, so the other day she told me this was a story she wrote about a rainbow pig who lives in a tree.
Annie being silly in the tub.
Audrie cooking with Jamie. (I promise Audrie has a dresser full of clothes! She just prefers the buff.)

The sunset was pretty the other night so I snapped these pics out our apartment window.
Audrie rockin' her new high tops for school. I told Jamie I can't wait to see Audrie's class photo because Audrie is the only Caucasian in her class and I can just imagine this tall lanky blond girl with a huge smile sticking out so awesomely. 
We babysat Samuel the other night and Annie was desperately trying to get him to play princess dress up with her. I love how in this photo she's all "why won't this boy put down the computer and play cinderella with me?!" (Annie, when you figure that out please let the rest of us girls know how you did it.) ha!
Ok, so she did manage to get Samuel to wear plastic pink heels around the house...!
And he borrowed some of her pajamas. I think he looks great in pink monkeys. :)
Here is Annie striking a pose before we left for her first Little Gym Class.
It was fun morning of some one-on-one time with Annie.

And of course she LOVED the Little Gym!

Except for some reason she decided to flash everyone in the class!? ha!
I think we will see Annie Cornett in the 2025 Summer Olympics.
After her class, we stopped to get a hot dog from Gray's Papaya (supposed to be known for great hot dogs). They were tasty, but I sometimes forget that it's not great for Annie to eat hot dogs in public because she can scarf down like 3 hot dogs in 60 seconds. Classy! And anytime you can get strange looks from people on the street in NYC- you have accomplished something pretty awesome.

Then we went flower shopping. In case I haven't mentioned this before- flowers here are crazy cheap! There is a street vendor two blocks from our house that has a dozen roses for 5 dollars. And they are beautiful. Every couple of weeks I splurge and spend $20 on four dozen roses to put around the apartment.
I'm sure this is how it is for all siblings, but Annie does EVERYTHING that Audrie does. She is like Audrie's mini-me.
A random pic I took this weekend as we were walking downtown.
We took the girls to Build-a-Bear and they had a blast of course.

The best part was that, when we left, Annie's teddy bear box was a little too heavy for her, but she was DETERMINED to do it 'all by myself' so she drug that box behind her through the streets of New York City for 10 blocks to the train. Such a stubborn determined girl. Don't know where she gets that.

In case you didn't know- Annie loves the musical Annie. She started watching it on Netflix about a year ago and it's her number one movie to watch. She just loves it! So we heard that the musical was coming to Broadway and I'm excited to see it. I don't think we'll take Annie only because spending $150 to take a two year old to see a musical seems a bit much, but don't think it didn't cross my mind!
Audrie was trying on her new ballet clothes for this season (she starts classes back again tomorrow) and so Annie put on Audrie's old outfit and they put on a little impromptu dance recital for us.

Jamie and I hired a babysitter (this is big deal) and went out on a date night. We tried a new Cuban restaurant that was so great! And then hit our favorite ice cream place- Pinkberry.
I had the day off earlier this week so I was able to take Annie to school. She was getting impatient waiting for me. C'mon mom!
We don't use our double stroller anymore (Audrie walks everywhere) but the other day she was tired so I suggested she let Annie sit in her lap. They rode like this for 12 blocks home. Such cuties.
Oh my goodness, that's the update! Thanks for reading. :)