Monday, September 03, 2012

what do you call a great joke teller?

Whoa, two blog posts in one day... lookout! :)

Maybe it's because I realize school is starting in two days and that I won't resurface until Christmas break. ?!!

I just wanted to blog a few things:

1) I love Annie. With all my heart and soul!! For some reason I just don't have as many things to post about her. (I'm just trying to give her more to complain about to her therapist someday.) So I hereby officially apologize to Future Annie for blogging about your sister more!

2) Funny Audrie story: This weekend Audrie has started trying to tell jokes again (she had a knock-knock joke that she butchered for about a year). So a few days ago I tried to teach her this joke:
"What do you call a pig that does karate?
- a pork chop

Ok, so Audrie seemed to grasp telling that joke. But for some reason she then decided it was better to just make up her own jokes. Except with no punch line. So she has been walking around for a couple of days doing this-

"What do you call a horse that dances with a frog?" .... (then she just stares at you)

"What do you call a woman that listens to the radio?".... (no reply)

"What do you call a robot that eats a pickle?" ....

The bad thing is that it's really funny how she builds up this great joke and then stares at you with no punchline- so we end up laughing at her ridiculousness and she now thinks she is the best joke teller ever.

3) I was complaining to Jamie that I haven't worked with the girls enough this summer on their "skills" (numbers, colors, shapes, etc). The next day he emailed me this great article: