Sunday, September 02, 2012

what's been happening

Just a quick update on life the past few weeks.

We have had many picnics in Central Park this summer. Our favorite spot is called the Sheep's Meadow.

 Here we are enjoying a picnic with the Burrow's. (My favorite part of the above photo is how none of the kids are looking at the camera... that's talented photography right there!).

But here they are all looking at the camera and being super cuties.

Here Audrie is singing a song on the bus home (I had taken her to work with me for the day to work in my classroom). She thinks riding the public bus is the best thing ever. She also thinks everyone loves to hear her sing loudly on the bus.

Jamie and I got adventurous and decided to rearrange our tiny apartment a bit.We moved the bedroom furniture out of our front room (which was our bedroom) and got a hide-a-bed couch to put in there for guests (and I hung some pom-poms around the Chinese lantern light on the ceiling).

And you see a little glimpse down the hall here that we moved our bedroom into the back guest room (which is also the headquarters for Instrumental Lighting). We really like the new set-up. We have more living space to hang out in now.
 Last Saturday I decided to try a new park with the girls and there happened to be a Family Fest going on. So they got some free face painting... Audrie told the lady she wanted to be a "rainbow princess"...
 They had live music...
 A theater area for Audrie and Annie to put on a few shows. They loved it!
 And an awesome jungle gym for both girls to scale.

And "big swings" as Annie calls them- and gets so excited about! No baby swings for this girl. (Tangent- the other day we were walking into our apartment building and a nice gentleman said kindly to Annie "Hi, baby." Which she loudly replied "I not baby!".)

Both Audrie and Annie have been monkeys since the day they were born. They LOVE to climb any and everything.
 I wonder if they have toddler rock climbing in this city?
 As we were leaving the Family Fest we saw a group of people setting up a stage. Before I could distract Audrie she saw it and naturally there was NO getting her out of there. We stayed and I'm glad we did- they had an awesome marionette puppet show!

Our girls are getting so tall! I always worry when we take them to our pediatrician that she will say they are too skinny, but they are both still around 50% for weight and 90-95% for height.

A random picture I took on Instagram of our neighborhood as I was walking home from work one day. (PS- I really like Instagram a lot! So if you're not on there- join and add me: rcornett)
 Another Instagram collage of a fun day Audrie and I had running around town- shopping, Starbucks, and pedicures. Audrie really is a fun girls date! Can't wait for Annie to be just a little older to join us, but that girl still worships her naptime.

Our friend Emily sent the girls a box of her childhood Barbies. Oh my goodness, they were awesome! Like true old school Barbies and vintage clothes!
 Audrie and Annie were so thrilled! Thanks, Em!
 Audrie likes to play teacher (of course!) and was taking roll here. :)

Ok this next photo cracked me up! I promise you I have NEVER once told Audrie how to pose for a photo. She just started one day putting her hand on her hip and striking a pose like a rock star. So the other day Jamie sent me this photo from Audrie's physical for pre-school... of course she posed in her paper doctor's gown! Look at those crossed pageant feet. Love her!

Annie has started to do this funny thing the past few days where suddenly she will announce that she is going to kiss you. Ok, that's sweet. But she holds it for way too long and it gets a little awkward. She actually did it so long the other day that I had time to get out my camera and take a picture. I'm not quite sure how to explain to my two year old that people on the subway are starting to stare.... ha! (But, hey, it's New York City, I'm positive that it's not the weirdest thing they've seen all day.)
I'll just enjoy these kisses while she's offering! :)

Ok, that's a little update on things around here lately.