Friday, January 18, 2013

how's your day?

 So I still haven't blogged our Christmas or New Year's photos, but that's ok because we have something more fun to talk about... Annie is finally potty trained! (This is exciting stuff.)

We learned our lesson with Audrie when we tried to push her into it way too soon and it failed several times. When we finally gave up with Audrie... a few months later she just decided one day to be potty trained (and it honestly all clicked for her one day and she never looked back).

So with Annie we decided we were not even going to mention it until SHE was really interested. A few times over the past few months I would sit her on the potty before bath time and she would sit there and smile (and maybe let a few drops out). But it wasn't until about two weeks ago that she declared she wanted to go potty. So we said ok let's give it a shot.

We let her wear panties and put her on the potty a lot. She had 2-3 accidents in her clothes, but honestly after a few days- she had it down! (Props to Jamie for sticking to it with her!) And now here we are two weeks later and she is completely out of diapers (well, she sleeps in pull-ups at night). But even when we are playing at the park, or running around town- she tells us when she needs to go! So proud of her.
 But as awesome as it is to not be buying diapers anymore- it is sad to think that this milestone just means she is growing up. Our little Baby Annie!
 This girl is so hilarious to me. She makes me laugh out loud so many times a day. Plenty of personality, that's for sure.
Today on the subway we were sitting next to a large African-American man that was at least 300 pounds of pure grouchiness- he looked like a snarly pit bull. Annie turned to him, grinned the biggest grin, and loudly asked "HOW'S YOUR DAY?!".

Love her.