Sunday, January 27, 2013

dress-up galore

It has been awhile since I've had a photo shoot for no reason with the girls. So we got out the dress-up box today and I let them go for it- do whatever they wanted and I just snapped away! We had a blast and I LOVE all the photos we got while playing.

 I can't believe these two photos are of the same girl. It's like "Audrie Freshman year of college and then Audrie runs for Congress"...!!

Of course, we had to get the official princess pics.

Annie is a little more of a challenge to photograph because she is NEVER still for even half a second- a constant state of blur. But I love these of her "say cheese" smile that she does.

Our friend, Juli, mailed the girls a package of really cool dress up items and in it were these rubber dinosaur gloves that Audrie loves.

Annie in a huge blond wig!

These last two are my favorite.

Sweet sweet girls. I love these two ladies so much!!!!!!!