Saturday, March 09, 2013

bedtime with annie

 I mentioned that two weeks ago I attended a Christian conference for young moms and it was so amazing. I took home a notebook and heart full of ideas and strategies for parenting and marriage that were so inspiring!

One of them I wanted to share with you. The basic idea is that every single night when you put your kids to bed (no matter how old they are... 2... 15... any age you can start this), you lie next to them on their pillow in the dark (because in the cover of darkness kids will open up to you) and then talk to them. Ask them:

"What made you happy today?"
"What made you sad today?"
And then share your own responses about your day, too.
Then ask if there is anything else they want to talk about.
Then close in prayer with them.

I have done this a little bit with Audrie for awhile, but never with Annie. I guess I thought she was too young to really get into it. But my goodness, I was wrong. I've been doing it with her for two weeks now and she LOVES it and I love hearing her sweet voice ramble on about her day. Most of the time I can't understand what she is saying, but I catch key words and we are making a sweet habit each night. Annie really looks forward to it, too.

She tells me about how much fun she had at the park that day with daddy. Then she lists all her boo-boos that she got that day (and for this girl- that list can be long). And when she says her prayer each night it's all I can do not to openly sob. It's so emotional to her her tiny voice talking to the God of the universe.

And she pretty much says the same prayer each night...
"Dear Gahd, pease bwing me a cookie. Da best cookie ever. Amen."