Wednesday, March 13, 2013

happy birthday, jamie

Happy 34th Birthday to my high school sweetheart...

34  Reasons Why I Love You:

1. You are an amazing father! Audrie and Annie are so blessed to have you as their daddy- you are so patient, loving, and delight in their silliness.
2. You are more wonderful as a husband than I ever could have hoped for in my life.
3. You are a hottie. I can't believe I get to wake up to this handsome man each morning.
4. You are a great cook (and you cook all the time!).
5. You are creative and artistic. 
6. You are healthy and fit (and keep me and the girls on a healthy mindset, too). I love that you care about eating healthy. I love that you are training for the marathon.
7. You don't give up. You and I have been through so much in the past two years, but I love that you never give up on us or yourself.
8. You make amazing lamps!
9. You handle our finances so efficiently and I don't thank you enough for how much that means to me.
10. You make me laugh and I love talking to you.
11. You are so understanding and let me vent way too often, but I appreciate all your nods in the right times and comforting hugs.
12. You like to do stuff. I love that you like trying new activities with me and the girls. You are not a homebody. :)
13. You like trying new foods and restaurants.
14. You love your family and I think it's so sweet how close you are with them.
15. You like to watch stupid TV with me. I won't tell anyone that we watch Sister Wives or Big Brother or other ridiculous shows that no one should ever watch.
16. You have the best smile in the world. I love looking over the tops of the girls heads and catching you smiling at me.
17. You don't get mad when I wear your socks.
18. You are a sharp dressed man. I love your attention to your clothes. Well, except for the grey sweatpants you wear for weeks on end and say it's your new "business casual".
19. You like to read.
20. You like to travel!
21. You are so smart. I love that your mind usually finds the solution in a different way than I would think of it. You are so great at explaining things to the girls!
22. You are always thinking of our future.
23. I think it's adorably awesome how you get excited about new projects... like building bird houses, starting a garden, owning a beehive...??
24. You let me be my crazy self (and still love me!).
25. You like to watch documentaries with me and will occasionally suffer through a classic film for my sake.
26. I think it's cute (and maybe frightening) how many cupcakes you can eat in one sitting.
27. You are a great friend to your friends. I know they miss you and can't wait to have you back in Arkansas!
28. You rock your sweet Nike high-tops like no white boy in our neighborhood should.
29. You like meeting new people and have no problem making conversation.
30. You're always up for an adventure. (Like moving to NYC!)
31. I think your fidgeting is cute. You are usually rocking the entire church pew and don't even realize it.
32.Ok, I'll admit I like that you're always singing. Even if it's not the highest quality or in the right octave... I love that you sing like you don't care!
33. I love watching you wrestle and tickle with the girls. Their squeals with laughter for you is the best!
34. I love that I get to do this life with you. If I had to go back to that day in high school when you asked me out to the movies and start all over again, I would chose you all over again. I wouldn't want to live this life with anyone else but you. You are an amazing man and I love you!

Happy Birthday!!