Wednesday, March 20, 2013

major update

I really hate when I dump a few months worth into one blog, but it's the only way I can keep caught up so here we go...

(Several of these photos are out of order, but I'm too lazy to fix them!).

Yay, Grandma Lowery came to visit!

Cool graffiti on every block in this town.

Two cute girlies in Times Square (I wonder if they think this life is normal?).

My ride home on snowy days.

The A train Uptown.

Caught Erin daydreaming on the train,

One of the reasons I will miss this city... trying new restaurants!

Snapped a pic in Columbus Circle.

Columbus Circle.

Two crazy girlies waiting for the train.

Dressed as a diva for an event at my school.

Erin stopping in to say hello on a business trip.

Annie building something amazing at the Manhattan Children's Museum.

Two silly girlies in a museum.

Audrie and the giant Lite Brite at the Manhattan's Children Museum.

Sand castle construction site at the museum.

Audrie and Annie getting their Zen moment at the museum.

Annie's future profession?

Naptime not going as planned.

Audrie putting on a puppet show at the museum for her Number 1 fan.

Story time at the museum.

My weekend alarm setting.

The view from our apartment- going to miss it!!

Tickling daddy.

Date night!

Walking to work.

Snowy afternoon in Central Park.

Columbus Circle at night.

Annie fell asleep with her tap shoes on (the wrong foot).

We love having Aunt Wendy come visit!

Cupcakes for daddy, just because.

Morning run in Central Park.

Afternoon run along the Hudson River.

View of The Heights from Riverbank Pier.

Central Park is my favorite place to run.

Anne and I on a breakfast date at the diner.

Snow angels!

Two patriotic girlies with Lady Liberty.

More snow angels!

Woke up to 10 inches of snow in The Heights.

Sledding with friends!

Faster, daddy!

Bundled up to go play in the snow.

Snow day!

Subway station performer playing TWO trumpets at the SAME time.

Annie and Grandma on the train.

Jamie and I on Valentine's night.

We created our own food tour of the Upper West Side- started with wine and cheese at a French bistro.

Sushi and a Japanese restaurant.

Cheesecake from a Jewish bakery.

Bread and soup at an American cafe.

My mom and I went to see Scarlett Johannson in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Saturday morning bowling!

Annie being super cute.

Fun night out with the Burrow/Harpers!

I like this photo of Jamie and me.

Emily and I at the Dot.Mom conference in Dallas. Had a BLAST with this girl!

Annie all ready for a day at school.

Running in Fort Tryon Park.

Me and Audrie

Storytime with Annie.

Doesn't everyone eat donuts on the potty?

Blue skies after the rain.

Where the Sidewalk Ends?

Audrie said she wrote "Daddy loves Mommy".

Hanging out with Sammy-Oh.

This is how daddy gets you home on a snow day!

13 is going to be fun...

Audrie walking to school in the snow.

Storytime with Audrie.

My new favorite picture of Jamie and the girls!

Yep, more running in Central Park.

The Mall at Central Park- why do they call it a mall?

Out in the hustle and bustle.

Hey, it's me!

Apparently a scarf can be used as an accessory or to strangle your sister.

Yay! Aunt Barb and the boys came to town!

Ok that's it! Congrats, you made it through!

Thanks for reading. I'll try to do an update soon of what's going on with our transition back to Arkansas. Lots to report.