Saturday, March 30, 2013

new yorkers

 The girls had a blast coloring eggs tonight. I think this is the first time they were both old enough that they could do it by themselves (with only one small spill).

Funny story....

So every night when the girls go to bed I play Bible stories or music on the speakers in their rooms (wireless speakers that connect to our computer). Anyways, the past couple of nights I've been playing this Easter story for them:

God's Story: Easter, Crossroads Kids' Club Vimeo

So the other day Jamie was walking the girls to school and it was really windy. Audrie started to complain about the wind and Jamie told her to stop complaining because we are New Yorkers and we are tough. Audrie asked "What are New Yorkers?". Jamie explained what it meant and Audrie said "Oh, I thought we were Israelites."...
I thought that was pretty funny. I can just imagine Audrie going to school and telling her teacher that she's an Israelite. ha!